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We offer services connected with designing (building and construction), providing expert opinions and consulting in the field of industrial building and civil engineering all over Poland.

In particular, our range of services includes:

We are a leading design office specializing in closed cooling circuits installed in power station units, which include natural and mechanical draft cooling towers.


We are designing systems of deep cooling of water based on the technology which uses pro-ecologic water solution of lithium bromide as the circulating liquid. We provide technological solutions for industrial systems of biomass combustion. We also prepare complete engineering specification of pneumatic conveying systems.

We prepare engineering specification of steel constructions together with three-dimensional models. Structures are designed by engineers who have access to best in class CAE/CAD software provided by Autodesk company.

We took part in preparing the patent of a new technology of desulphurization. We design refined combustion gases and FRP chimneys for desulphurization systems.

Our fully equipped CAD workstations and a team of experienced designers guarantee diligent and solid preparation of complete documentation for the Investor. Constant contact with the customer during the design works and close cooperation with the contractor decide about the highest standard of the provided services. Our ten-year experience in designing and working on even highly advanced projects enables us to meet all demands of the investors.