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About Us

The Power Industry Design and Consulting Office ERPRO was established in 1994. Since the beginning the company’s head office has been in Rybnik, a city in Upper Silesia. Localization in a highly industrialized region enabled us to exchange our experience with domestic and international companies. Thanks to the contacts with technical universities we have managed to create a team of designers who are experts in the field of industrial building and civil engineering.

At the beginning of the company’s activity we were involved in such projects as:

– Evaluation of safety of cooling tower no. 1 coating in Jaworzno III Power Plant, taking into consideration the non-uniform sedimentation and geometric imperfections,
– Preparation of construction and technological assumptions concerning the realization of the Combustion Gases Desulphurization System installed in unit 5 in Rybnik Power Plant,
– Analysis of the operating conditions and corrosion risk of chimney H=300m in Rybnik Power Plant after activating the Combustion Gases Desulphurization System,

As our company developed, we broadened our range of interests and worked on projects connected with various technological systems, industrial chimneys, and other building constructions and civil engineering objects. The complete list of our projects is available in the realizations section.

Our Mission

We are proud to be perceived by our customers and contractors as a company that is ready to undertake even the most challenging projects and provide professional services connected with designing expert opinions and consulting in the field of energy sector, industrial building and civil engineering.

Our priority is to make the customer satisfied by providing highly advanced technological solutions and preparing our projects with diligence, in due time and at a convenient price.

All our customers are given equal attention. The market of design services is becoming more and more demanding, which motivates us to even greater effort. It also mobilizes us to broaden our knowledge and follow the recent technological innovations connected with the branch of industry we specialize in. We hope that such an approach will enable us to keep or even improve the position of our company on the market and provide our customers with more solutions.


Ireneusz Wilgucki, M.Sc. Eng – President

Piotr Woronowicz, M.Sc. Eng – Vice-President


The team of designers consists of experienced workers, qualified to make and verify projects in accordance with the Building Law and the implemented quality system. The qualifications and experience of our designers guarantee that all the projects and expert opinions are prepared with the highest care and diligence.